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Annual meeting


Looking back on 2019, looking forward to the future

To welcome the new year, the company held a unique lucky prize competition. What is different from the activities in previous years is that this activity stipulates the theme of creation - "childlike dedication to the party for a hundred years".


After the announcement of the event was issued, it received a positive response from the staff. The staff displayed the numbered paintings in the venue by group, and the judges visited the site and cast their votes. According to the public review and the two rounds of voting by the trade union members, the first prize was selected, and the rest of the contestants all won the excellence award. This is my encouragement. The company also prepared exquisite gift packages for the award-winning children, fully affirming their talents and performance.

In the company, there are such a group of young partners who share the same dream and the same youth, standing at such a new starting point, and setting sail towards the common goal. Looking forward to the future, we are full of pride to usher in a better tomorrow!

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