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GMEvery industrial revolution is an innovation in technology, It is the competition of talents as well as technology in the future. Opportunity is for young people, step by step, then you will stand out! Believe in yourself, gold can shine anywhere! Carry forward the spirit of helping and guiding, create and share together, the future is promising!

The founder and general manager of Kunshan Hongyi Tengda Mold Hardware Co., Ltd. was born in Dongyang, Zhejiang in 1988 in a family of party members in the countryside. He has been happy and helpful since he was a child, with a sunny and shy personality, and he is dedicated to doing a thing. He likes studying mathematics, physics and chemistry, and love sports. He specilizes in  basketball and table tennis, and he likes to make friends with people who love basketball and table tennis. Motto: Do one thing, Done!


        In June 2009, he graduated from Ningbo Vocational and Technical College, majoring in mold design and manufacturing, and practiced in Minth Group (MINTH) in his junior year. After graduation, he has been engaged in the design of automobile molds and automobile checking fixture, and understands the design concepts of major domestic automobile OEMs. Has worked in Shanghai Guhan Automobile Interior Parts and Suzhou Hongyangyu Mold successively. He is good at communicating and outstanding in his work. Not proud, don't give up, don't complain, always give back to all people with a grateful heart. From the front-line assembly line operator, to the design assistant, to the designer, and then to the design team leader, step by step, he is deeply trusted by colleagues and leaders.

About US

The automobile industry has developed rapidly in the past 10 years, and the supply and demand in related fields are unbalanced. At the beginning of 2012, he resigned from the job of the design team leader and founded Kunshan Hongyi Tengda Mold Hardware Co., Ltd. It mainly serves domestic automobile checking fixture manufacturers. From the perspective of checking fixture design, standardize the 3D database, parameterize the standard parts of checking, and unify industry standards. Inspired to create a one-stop procurement platform for more, faster, better and more economical checking fixture accessories.


        Entered into the Internet business in 2012, with the cognition of whole network marketing, made the business from offline to online, and then combined the online and offline sales. We attract more new customers come to Hongyi Tengda, and also earn the first pot of gold in life through the Internet.


        Since founding the company,we have been adhering to the business philosophy of honesty and creating a better future. Employees are the wealth of the company, and the company's management and even the boss serve every employee. Only by serving employees well can we produce excellent products and serve each customer better. Only making products create more added value, our enterprise can grows sustainably.

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