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Self-media operation

Douyin product positioning operation has a certain mechanical drawing foundation

Fixture design engineer

Design CNC fixtures, improve product processing efficiency, increase factory volume and quantity!

Production management

Machining, milling machines, grinding machines, CNC, production management personnel!

Digital manager

CRM, DingTalk, ERP, BOSS account management and other similar digital software are implemented!

Accept new things, have a strong learning ability, have leadership skills, understand team spirit, have executive ability, and have a sense of responsibility!

Have experience in the following industries: mechanical equipment/electromechanical/heavy industry

Gage engineer

1. Automobile inspection tool design and project tracking

2. Proficient in UG, Catia software, and CAD drawing

3. Have designed plastic parts, sheet metal parts, chassis parts or four-door and two-lid inspection tools

4. Designed inspection tools for Volkswagen, Geely, Great Wall, BYD, GM, SAIC, Geely, Ford, Chery, BMW and other OEMs

Factory director

1. Production order arrangement

2. Morning meeting


4. Machining employee performance management

5. Exception handling

The company is mainly engaged in the pin sleeves and turning mechanisms of automobile inspection fixtures. There are many small pieces of loose orders, and those with experience in fixture design are preferred!

Mechanical designer

Job description

Can use 3D software, 2D software, office software.

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