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Development and future

The overall goal is to achieve the steady growth of the company through the unremitting efforts of all employees. In the meeting, it was stated that the company implements internal management, strives for the market externally, and builds an excellent team that dares to fight hard. At the same time, through vivid examples, from the explanation of the top sales feeling, logical divergent thinking, etc., the problems encountered in the sales execution process are explained, and everyone is led to deepen the professional knowledge and skills they have learned in a cheerful atmosphere. The meeting also mentioned the establishment of a "five-in-one" innovation system: focusing on technological innovation, taking talent development as a guarantee, taking capital innovation as a link, taking strategic innovation as a premise, and taking mechanism innovation as a key.


Hongyi Tengda Co., Ltd. has achieved strategic development in terms of business management, industrial scale and scientific and technological strength. As a high-tech enterprise, it must pass the decision-making and implementation of the strategic plan from 2022 to 2026 to realize the company's development in the field of automotive inspection tool design and manufacturing. The rapid development of the industry field.


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